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Welcome to the first of I hope many, long or short winded tales of the brewing life. In this so called blog I will discuss up coming beer events, future beers on tap, and will answer any questions one might have. I welcome any brewing questions for home brewers, about the brewing process. My brew house is an open book, I have no proprietary secrets, hell it’s all done the same. For the most part I will make up an answer to your home brewing questions, hey I have to have some fun. I do urge home brewers to stop by and talk beer, I’ll be the guy with long hair wearing a Giants hat, my asst. brewer Matt looks the same except he looks more like the drummer from Hanson and giggles quite a bit.

About me, I started home brewing about 20 years ago on my mother’s stove top. She thought I was crazy. I took some beer to a friend who owned a brewery in Mountainview, and told me to go pro. Two decades have gone by and I’m still doing it, mostly for the free beer. To me brewing is not a job, it’s a lifestyle and a unique culture. I have met some of the most interesting and at the same time odd people while being this business. Formal brewing education started at the American Brewers guild, and after finishing there I went at work at Seabright Brewery. In 2001 completed the course at U.C. Davis, in brewing science, which works in conjunction with the London institute of Brewing Science. I did a 4 year stint in Lake County at the Mt. St. Helena Brewing Co. There I met some real cool people, bought a house, got a dog and lived life. In 2007 I got a call from Marc, the head brewer, he told me he was leaving and I came back. It has been a fun ride ever since.

The brewhouse staff consists of three people. Myself, Matt- ‘Asst. Brewer’, and the invaluable Mark, retired city worker, who after retirement hung out and helped out so much that finally Charlie (owner) said put him on payroll. Advice to aspiring brewers, hang out around your favorite brewery long enough and they will either have you arrested or give you a job, pray for the latter.

Coming into fall we will be brewing up a storm. As the weather turns colder, we will be brewing up stronger hoppy beers. We are working on a smoked porter and of course a barleywine. For the labor day weekend we will have a new wheat beer on tap, called Panda’s Wheat. Named after my girlfriends favorite Giant, Pablo Sandoval. After that look for another batch of the ‘freak’ ale, also named after some young Giants pitcher #55.

Well that’s all for now, got to get brewing. I will try to keep up with the blog, depending on how many pints get in the way. So cheers for now