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Wanted to start by thanking everyone who showed up to the Capitola Book Cafe. That was a cool night and really liked talking and drinking beer with people. The homebrew contest was registered with the AHA so that means something I think, hell I don’t know I’ve never entered a homebrew contest. Have a couple new brews on tap. The Irish Donkey Stout which is a dry stout that we infused with coffee, and the MBYC ale a dry hopped english pale. We used all english malts, hops and yeast. First time we used the yeast and it lent a fruity profile. The MBYC stands for My Balls Your Chin, but if you ask at the pub I will tell you it stands for Monterey Bay Yacht Club. We will release two more beers by X-Mas, the White Lightning Wheat brewed with 30 lbs. of honey and 50 lbs. of Cranberries put in the secondary. Next beer will be the Barleywine called Des,named after this old bastard that has been bugging me for BW since the last batch ran out. Now for the marketing push. A new batch of sweatshirts came in. They sell out fast so hurry in and buy one or five. Hope to cheers a new brew with you soon.