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It’s been 2 weeks since his surgery and last week and Ishmael Gomez has began to have moments of clarity in his left eye which was operated on – even though they took his lens out! The specialist on Friday said this is very RARE that someone can see without a lens. Since then he can see with that eye more and more. This week he’ll be getting some special glasses to help him focus, which may take about 2 months, but little by little he is regaining his sight! The doctors aren’t sure if they are going to replace his lens quite yet – it depends if he is still growing or not – if his eye is fully grown then they will replace it, if not they might wait up to 2 years to replace it. They still have not addressed the right eye – but one step at a time. He has several appointments coming up so we’ll know more soon!

The Gomez family went for a walk around their neighborhood with Ismael, this was his first walk in 6 weeks, and Ishmael pointed out birds, flowers, etc. while they walked. He saw his face for the first time last week in the mirror and noted his red eye, but then his vision faded again. Luckily now it seems like it’s going to hang on. Let’s hang in there with him!

The Gomez family is facing a real hardship through loss of income, gas, etc. Donations of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

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